Becoming the “Bio Bridge”

Oregon’s startup bioscience business sector is growing, spurred on by strong university research and spinoff company formation. But a lack of leasable, pre-built-out laboratory space forces too many life science entrepreneurs to either scramble for funding just as they’re trying to scale up, or relocate out of state where existing lab facilities can be leased with no upfront build-out costs.


808 on Alder aims to solve Oregon’s bioscience scalability challenge by becoming the “Bio Bridge” for the next generation of innovative bioscience startups. By delivering new BSL2 warm core/shell space, 808 on Alder will help Oregon retain and grow generations of its most promising bioscience companies.

Room to Grow

808 on Alder’s basement, ground floor, and second floors are designed to receive laboratory tenants as soon as it opens its doors in Q1 2021. The third floor offers Class-A creative office space with Portland city views.

And 808 on Alder is designed with flexibility in mind. Laboratory tenants can incorporate office space into their build-outs on the same floor, or they can lease third-floor office space to accommodate growth.

Syringes being inserted into plastic vials in a laboratory.
Thick wooden support beams in the rafters of a building.Thick wooden support beams in the rafters of a building.

Retrofitted for the Future

808 on Alder was a two-story warehouse with an uninhabitable basement in a previous life. The retrofitting that it’s currently undergoing is intended to future-proof it for decades to come, including a new seismically reinforced structure to meet the 2014 Oregon Structural Specialty Code. Much of the existing heavy timber structure and framing of the existing warehouse building has been left intact and connected to a new seismic lateral bracing system.

Need More Information?

Interested in learning more about the sustainable construction and operations methods envisioned for 808 on Alder? Drop us a line and let us know.